Learn How To Start Couch Cleaning 

Learning how to start couch cleaning becomes easy if you know and understand the requirements of your couch. First, you need to know about the type of cleaning your couch is required. Because when one couch is in need of a dry cleaning process, another couch may be in need of a steam cleaning process. To find what type of cleaning method your couch requires you need to first check the label instructions. Also to prevent your couch from undergoing damage during the cleaning process you need to take necessary measures. CBD couch cleaning company suggest how to start cleaning of couch.

How to start Couch cleaning
How to start Couch cleaning

Steps On How To Clean Your Couch

Couch cleaning can be an easy task when you know how to start couch cleaning and put your heart into it. Follow the below steps to quickly clean your couch. 

Pre-Inspection And Colourfast Test

If you have one question on how to start couch cleaning, then your answer to this is to first start pre-inspecting the couch. Because the couch has a tough life with kids and pets jumping and rolling on it. Moreover, during pre-inspection, you are able to find body fluids like oils, sweat and other degenerating dirt. After this, do a quick colourfast test to see if the process later leads to colour loss. This is one way of preventing permanent damage to your couch’s fabric and its fibres. To do a colourfast test on your couches, you can use a colourfast solution available on the market. 


An important step in couch cleaning is to pre-vacuum the surface of your couch to remove pet dander, hair and surface dirt. For this, you need to make use of a powerful vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming also gets rid of all the fine dust particles as well and this way you can prevent dust that contributes to breathing issues. A vacuum cleaner is fitted with filters known as HEPA filters that capture pollen, mould, bacteria and other germs below 0.5 microns. If you compare it to human hair, they are 200 times smaller and as small as a single cigarette smoke particle. 


For the pre-treatment step, you have to apply a fabric-friendly cleaning agent so that it can break down accumulated grease and bodily fluids. Moreover, pre-treatment also removes the pet’s fur embedded in the couch. To do a pre-treatment, you have to pre-spray the couch by utilising basic or alkaline couch sprays available in the market. This pre-spraying has more than one benefit like bonding,

  • Oils 
  • Amino acids
  • Proteins & 
  • General diet 

Scrub The Couch With A Hand 

In fact, pre-treatment alone is not enough if you want to break down grease, oils and other substances from your couch’s fabric. As a result, you need to scrub the couch’s fabric by hand using a microfiber glove, and a horse hair brush. In fact, you can also use a specially designed machine to scrub the couch’s surface. This scrubbing of the couch with hands allows the cleaning agent you sprayed before to evenly spread. The result this gives is- soil particles will be effectively removed. 

Extraction & Rinsing

Next to scrubbing your couch, you have to extract dirt and then rinse your couch thoroughly. For extracting the dirt, you can use a hot truck-mount machine that uses steam as a principle. The temperature this hot truck-mount machine uses is around 130°C. When it comes to rinsing the couch, you have to use a formulated rinsing agent that uses water to remove dirt released by couch fibres. However, you need to remember that this rinsing process doesn’t wet the couch’s fabric. The rinsing agent varies in neutral forms in addition to acidic and alkaline forms. In fact, the rinsing process plays a crucial part in cleaning fabrics such as cotton silk, linen, rayon and viscose. 

Fabric Protector

After steam cleaning the couch, you need to apply an anti-soiling protector to avoid your couch from future accidents.  Fabric protector helps in repelling bodily fluids like sweat and oil and doesn’t allow them to stay for longer periods. However, you need to apply this fabric protector in a specific way so that it adheres to the couch’s fabric. One of the fabric protectors you find in the market is Scotchgard fabric protector which is ideal for all types of couch fabric. When applying a fabric protector, test the solution you opt for to be on the pH scale of 4. 

Use Of Air Movers

The final step to learning the couch cleaning process is to dry the couch using high-speed air movers. Place the air mover into an ideal position to let the couch dry quickly. Two of the best air movers are XPower X-800 snail shell and Velo Pro as they are extremely powerful. These air movers create a larger amount of air moves to encourage the evaporation on your couch. In fact, Velo Pro air mover is best suited for couches in offices and homes that are affected by floods. 

How to Cleaning Upholstery


The ultimate and the best alternative option for “how to start couch cleaning” is to go for professional assistance. If professionals take your couch’s cleaning into their hands, it not just saves your money but also makes your couch appear shiny and bright. Because professionals are well trained in what to do and how to do it when it comes to a thorough cleaning of the couch. Moreover, if you take professional help from a company that is legally authorised it would be of great help to your couch. Professional couch cleaners are verified and certified in addition to being legally licensed. So, consider professional help in solving all your couch cleaning problems now! You can hire CBD couch cleaning services in Sydney and Parramatta, Blacktown, Wollongong, Randwick, Newcastle and more suburbs and get quality services.

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