Are You Making These Simple Mistakes When Couch cleaning?

Clean Couches at home make a good impression among guests. However, upholsteries like couches, sofas or any other are quite beating. Thus maintaining the cleanliness of couches is tough when you have children and pets at home. After carpet, couches are the one which absorbs stain and dirt easily. That’s why cleaning your couches with great care is recommended. However, while cleaning couches many people make some mistakes, which end up damaging them. Thus in this article, Our professional couch cleaners suggest Simple Couch Cleaning Mistakes. So, make sure to read this blog till the end. 

Simple couch cleaning Mistakes
Simple couch cleaning Mistakes

Some Simple Mistakes You Make While Cleaning The Couch

Are you making these Simple Couche Cleaning Mistakes? Well, learn about some mistakes people make while couch cleaning. Thus some simple silly couch cleaning mistakes are mentioned below: 

  • Scrubbing Stains: Scrubbing stains will drive them further on your couch fabric fibres. Therefore, you should never make the mistake of scrubbing stains on your couch. Instead of scrubbing, start blotting the stain with a paper towel slowly to draw stains from it. However, blotting is also helpful in absorbing the foam underneath. If you have old stains, then don’t worry, just take a steam cleaner to deal with old stains on the couch. Thus excessive scrubbing will make spots on the couch fabric. So, always make sure not to repeat this scrubbing mistake against stains on the couch. 
  • Soaking Couches In Water: Another mistake people make while cleaning the couch is soaking them in water. However, normal water will also leave a mark on the couch if it is too wet for a long. That’s why soaking any stain or any dirt with water is not recommended for couches. Further, if you do the same thing, then after cleaning it dries it will be left with a watermark. Also soaking of the watermark will be permanent on the couch. Therefore, if you want to clean the couch we suggest you use less water or you can also opt for a good steam cleaner. 
  • Using Harmful or Wrong Products: Are you using harmful or toxic products for your couch cleaning? Any cleaning products which contain bleach or ammonia are not suitable for the couch treatment. Moreover, harmful or bleach-based cleaning products will cause discolouration in couches. And at its worst, it causes adverse damage to couch fibres. Also, ammonia cleaning products sometimes cause splitting and holes in your couch. Therefore we advise you to always first check the fabric of couches and then choose the appropriate cleaning product. Thus wrong products act as a big mistake that many people make while couch cleaning. 
  • Using the Wrong Equipment: A common couch cleaning mistake people make is using the wrong tools or equipment for it. However, for couch cleaning, you must use a soft cloth that doesn’t shed long while blotting and spot cleaning. Apart from this brushing off is a good idea for removing dirt from couches. But never use a hard bristle brush for a soft and delicate couch fabric. A hard bristle brush will damage your couch fabric or even tear them apart. That is why we suggest you use a soft brush for couch cleaning. Moreover, always remember not to ever over-brush on couches. Thus for some special couch fabrics like Suede use a specialised brush for proper cleaning. 
  • Spraying Fabric Protector Wrongly: Yes it is the right fabric protector that deeply cleans your couches. Moreover, fabric protectors also increase the durability of couches. However, improper use of protector spraying can cause wear and tear problems in couches. Some people use this fabric protector incorrectly while couch cleaning. Thus using the fabric protector wrongly will affect couches oppositely. 
  • Trying Too Much Heat: For couch cleaning, you must think of using minimum heat. However, fabrics like silk and blends can’t handle extreme heating methods for couch cleaning. Well, steam cleaning is one of the best methods for couch cleaning to disinfect germs. But using excessive heat for delicate materials can affect them badly. Therefore you must use a proper steam handling machine or take advice from professionals while couch cleaning. 


Are you making these simple Couch Cleaning Mistakes? Well with this article, we are sure that the mistake will be neglected while couch cleaning. However, we suggest you always hire a certified Professional couch cleaning company. CBD couch cleaners provide best services of couch cleaning in Sydney and his suburbs as Parramatta, Blacktown, Wollongong, Randwick, Newcastle and more. As professionals know every way for safe couch cleaning. Moreover, experts know which solution is best for particular fabric couch cleaning. Also, professionals are trained enough to use appropriate tools for delicate and soft fabric couches. Further, professional cleaners focus on serving your couches with the best products and giving the desired result. Thus, with the above tips, you will save your couch from simple mistakes and damaging 

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